Ametnes Cloud Platform

What It Is.

Ametnes Cloud Platform is a platform focussed at helping software engineers build cloud agnostic software platforms. We believe that software engineers should write their software and be able to run it on any cloud provider's infrastructure.

Supported Tools.

Serverless Databases.

You want a database not a database server. So our first iteration brings you serverless databases.

As developers ourselves, many times we launch a project or a microservice, we found ourselves provisioning database instances. This process involves deciding the size of your instance, how to manage the infrastructure as code and what replication/failover strategies to adopt.

With our serverless databases, you just get a database no worry about database server instances.

Our database service is currently hosted in Western Europe and depending on feedback, we intend to extend this to other regions.

Dedicated Services

As demand for our service has increased, we've now [October 2020] added dedicated database services. We offer the cheapest hosted database service available on Google Cloud and AWS. Currently this service is available only within the London region. We aim to add more regions soon.

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